Mardi Gras Beads

Buy Beads!

Krewes - Get your recycled beads at Dove Garden Shop (1020 East Fairfield Drive)! Great prices - and you're keeping beads out of landfills!


Prices for recycled beads:

33" - 35" Assorted Colors 12 dozen/bag - $6.50 plus tax ($.55 per dozen)

36" - 42" Assorted Colors 8 dozen/bag - $8.40 plus tax ($1.05 per dozen)

43" to 48" Assorted Colors 3 dozen/bag - $6.75 plus tax ($2.25 per dozen)


Fancy beads, assorted colors and styles - prices and availability will vary.


Beads available Tuesday - Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at: Dove Garden Shop, 1020 East Fairfield Drive, 850-432-9161.

Donate Beads!

Have bags of beads lying around your home? Donate your Mardi Gras beads to us! Through Arc Gateway, adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities will sort and repackage the donated beads. By collecting and selling bundles of beads, Arc Gateway is supporting our community’s effort to recycle and reuse materials instead of generating waste. We are also generating revenues that help to sustain our programs; and we're providing vocational training and job opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities.  

Drop-off locations throughout Pensacola, Gulf Breeze, Pace and Gulf Shores include:



Arc Gateway's Dove Garden Shop - 1020 East Fairfield Drive (ALSO SALES!)
Arc Gateway Admin - 3932 North 10th Avenue

Arc Gateway Nursery - 1112 East Fairfield Drive

Becky's Eatery - 5 Interbay Parkway

Barne's – 1301 North 9th Avenue

Beach Community Bank branches - 9 Mile at Palafox, 4465 Bayou Blvd and 33 W. Garden St.

City Grocery – 2050 North 12th Avenue

Everman's Foods – 315 West Garden Street

Headhunter's Hairstyling - Baylen St.

Pearl Nelson Center - 3911 North 10th Avenue

Pollak Industries - 2313 Truman Avenue

Pollak Training Center - 1000 East Fairfiled Drive

Publix – 9251 University Parkway

Seville Quarter – 130 North Government Street

Stein Mart – 1660 Airport Boulevard

Winn Dixie – 4751 Bayou Boulevard

Winn Dixie – 5975 Mobile Highway


Gulf Breeze:

Beach Community Bank - Northcliff and Highway 98



WXBM – 6085 Quintette Rd


Gulf Shores:

Sunny 105.7 - 2421 East Second Street (and get a free coozie cup with your donation!)

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover. Thank you!